Geographic Online Address Translator

Welcome to the Geographic Online Address Translator (GOAT)!

GOAT allows you to enter a New York City geographic location, such as an address, intersection, street segment, street stretch, block and lot or BIN, and returns back related geographic information, such as cross streets, side of street, tax block and lot (AKA Parcel –ID), five-digit ZIP code, census tract and block, police precinct, community district and city council district.

Information on the functions can be found in the GOAT User Guide. Click on the output field label for its definition in the Glossary.

Display Property Level Information by Block and Lot

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About Function BL

The input data to Function BL is a Tax Block and Tax Lot. The information returned is building-specific and property-specific.

In addition to the ‘fixed' data returned, you have a choice of receiving a list of up to twenty one addresses which applies to the property or a list of BINs (Building Identification Numbers) that reside on the property.

For more information on this function, please consult the GOAT User Guide.