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Geographic Online Address Translator (GOAT)

GOAT allows you to enter a New York City geographic location (such as an address, intersection, street segment, street stretch, block and lot or BIN), and returns related geographic property and political information (such as cross streets, side of street, tax block and lot (AKA Parcel–ID), five-digit ZIP code, census tract and block, police precinct, community district and city council district).

A description of the GOAT functions can be found in the GOAT User Guide. Click on the output field label for its definition in the Glossary. For general questions about GOAT read the FAQ.

New This Release

Dropdown menus for useful resources have been added to the navigation bar at the top of a successful geocall results page. These menus contain useful links to related municipal agencies and services. Try it out at F1A - Manhattan - 120 Broadway

Changes To Date - 2024

Political Redistricting Geographies:

Release 24A1 contains revised Election Districts implemented by NYC Board of Elections, as well as Congressional District Boundaries that are effective as of February 28, 2024

Pre-Redistricting political boundaries can be downloaded from the  Archive  as version 24A

UPAD Release Schedule

UPAD contains updates to the Property Address Directory since the last major release

24B Release - 5/5/24

  • UPAD 24B1 - 5/17/24
  • UPAD 24B2 - 5/31/24
  • UPAD 24B3 - 6/14/24
  • UPAD 24B4 - 6/28/24

Next major Geosupport release 24C is scheduled for 7/28/2024

For information on software updates and fixes, check out our latest technical bulletin